Alto Poggio lies geographically and culturally on the border with three regions.
Hence, the local gastronomy offers a great variety of tastes from these very different nearby regions.
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Meat dishes are very popular in this region: in Tuscany we have “Chianina” beef, and in the Marche region the meat is different again.
The tastes of the Romagna region blend perfectly with those of its neighbouring regions.
Cows’ milk and goats’ milk cheeses are a local speciality, along with an unusual cheese from the village of Talamello, which is left to mature in holes dug deep in the ground.
You can visit these cheese-caves as well as buy and taste this delicious cheese, which is best accompanied with honey, marmalade and a good red wine.
The local wines clearly delineate the differences in tradition and geographic boundaries.
Since the Upper valley of the Marecchia river is situated in the middle of three regions, its variety of wines is remarkable:Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Albana from Romagna; Chianti, Valdichiana, Cortona and Pietraviva from Tuscany. The choice is yours!
The variety of tastes is almost endless to anyone curious to find out what this region has to offer: honey, chestnuts, truffles, corn-porridge called Polenta… a new sensory discovery every day!
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