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Urbino - Gradara - Gabicce (approx. 93Km)

Urbino is a walled city in the Marche region in Italy, south-west of Pesaro, a World Heritage Site notable for a remarkable historical legacy of independent Renaissance culture, especially under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482.
People from Urbino
Federico III da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, medieval condottiere and patron of the arts. Elisabetta Gonzaga Duchess of Urbino (1471–1526) Guidobaldo II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, commissioned the famous Venus of Urbino painting. Donato Bramante was born nearby, and witnessed Laurana's work going up while he was a youth Raphael, the painter, was born at Urbino, where his family's house is a museum-shrine Paolo Volponi (1924–1994), writer and poet.

Conero (approx. 174Km)

Conero is a promontory in Italy, situated directly south of the city of Ancona on the Adriatic Sea. The name Conero comes from the Greek name Komaròs, that indicates the Strawberry Tree[disambiguation needed] commonly present on the slopes of the mountain. The Conero is 572 meters high and it is the only coastal high point on the Adriatic sea from Venice to the Gargano massif in the region of Puglia. Since 1987 it is a state park and protected ecological area (Regional Park) with 18 trails and several archeological/historical sites.

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